An Oil and Gas Lawyer Against Eminent Domain Abuse

An Oil and Gas Lawyer Against Eminent Domain Abuse


Mr. White has been a board certified oil, gas and mineral lawyer in the state of Texas for almost 50 years.  He represented the Texas Railroad Commission in all courts for 9 years as an assistant attorney general and 3 years as general counsel for the Railroad Commission before going into private practice.

On April 3rd, Mr. White testified before the Texas Legislature and offered an amendment to S.B. 740, Senator Kolkhorst’s bill to change eminent domain law in Texas.  Rex’s amendment would strongly fill out the incremental approach taken in S.B. 740 and would prevent companies from taking land without due process and a court’s ruling that the taking is justified, before construction begins.

S.B. 740 is causing such a buzz that the State Affairs Committee delayed the vote on S.B. 740 one week.  Senator Kolkhorst and other are listening, even potentially the Lieutenant Governor.  This is our opportunity to contact the bill’s authors and the State Affairs Committee to urge them to get S.B. 740 to the full Senate floor.  We have until April 10, when the bill will likely be voted up or down, to make our voices heard in the Legislature and in the media.

The following names and contacts are important folks to reach during this VERY IMPORTANT time. 

We can make a difference in the voting process.

Author of S.B. 740 

Senator Lois Kolkhorst | 512-463-0118  

Co-Authors of S.B. 740 ~

Senator Brian Birdwell | 512-463-0122

Senator Charles Schwertner | 512-463-0105

Senator Charles Perry | 512-463-0128

State Affairs Committee ~

Senator Joan Huffman, Chair, 512/463-0117 –

Senator Bryan Hughes, Vice-Chair, 512/463-0101 –

Senator Brian Birdwell, 512/463-0122 –

Senator Brandon Creighton, 512/463-0104 –

Senator Craig Estes, 512/463-0130 –

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., 512/463-0127 –

Senator Jane Nelson, 512/463-0112 –

Senator Charles Schwertner, 512/463-0105 –

Senator Judith Zaffirini, 512/463-0121 –

Suggested message for phone calls:

We urge you to support S.B. 740 and add Rex. White’s proposed amendment to Texas Property Code Section 21.021 to the bill to prevent companies from misusing eminent domain and taking private property for private gain.  

Suggested text for emails:

Mr. Rex White testified on Monday April 3rd in detail in support of Senator Kolkhorst’s S.B. 740 and offered an amendment to the bill that would not conflict with the provisions of S.B. 740, but would add an amendment to Texas Property Code Section 21.021 to add strength to the senator’s effort to balance the interests and rights of landowners and pipelines.  Mr. White’s amendment to Texas Property Code 21.021 would prevent nongovernmental pipelines from being able to take possession of private land, trench the land, and lay pipe until a fair resolution of compensation is reached for the landowner and the pipelines bona-fide entitlement to the powers of eminent domain is legally determined.

We ask you to consider this amendment for those in the West Texas region who have endured the misuse of eminent domain due to the Trans-Pecos Pipeline and who do not want to see inappropriate future industrialization of the Big Bend.  

We urge your nonpartisan support for S.B. 740 and Mr. White’s amendment to Texas Property Code 21.021 so that together we can end eminent domain for private gain. Thank you.