Energy Transfer Partners (the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline) is tasked by Mexico’s Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) to lead the pipeline project. The Trans Pecos Pipeline is a 143 mile high pressure natural gas pipe, 42 inches in diameter (larger than the keystone XL).

It travels through the Big Bend region of West Texas where it will then connect to another pipeline across the border in Ojinaga within Mexico’s interior.

Under Texas law, a pipeline company is not required to prove that it’s facilities will be for the ‘public good’. 39 landowners have been sued along the route of the Trans Pecos Pipeline. Without serving a single U.S citizen, strong evidence reveals the majority of the gas will be liquified and sold on the Asian market.

The project is funded by four Japanese banks.

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The upcoming documentary TRANS PECOS sets out to uncover the deception about this controversial pipeline and the American people whose lives and land it has affected while creating a poetic portrait of far West Texas. It is a diverse fabric of an insider, landowners and concerned citizens of different colors, classes and creeds some of which come from the oil and gas industry itself.


A story about the unexpected bipartisan alliances that occur when companies put private gain before the good of the public.


Our media strategy is an attempt to find common ground in a way that leads to strengthening citizen engagement and civic bridges. It is a story of how one gas pipeline in Far West Texas could act as a conduit of change, between informed citizens and those in power deciding our future energy use while at the forefront of the beginning of the industrialization of the last western frontier.

Director | Photographer – Nicol Ragland


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