Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.
A volunteer driven organization that seeks to celebrate and preserve the natural,cultural and economic resources of the Big Bend region of Texas.
The conflict between energy production and the environment has grown sharp.It’s discussed but rarely pursued. The unprecedented velocity and scale of energy production globally has generated a growing certainty that these interests must be addressed. It’s not whether energy will be produced, but how? Blue Wind Partners is committed to finding the solutions that have evaded others. It’s all on the table now.
Preacher is a full-service creative company based in Austin, Texas. They partner with brands and people they truly believe in and market them with conviction, craft and plenty of soul. They call this Spreading the Good Word. They do their best work on brand challenges that demand the utmost ambition, ingenuity and taste. They invite ventures of all sizes, categories and walks of life.
Rockefeller Family Fund is a U.S.-based, family-led public charity that initiates, cultivates, and funds strategic efforts to promote a sustainable, just, free, and participatory society.
Ft. Lonesome is the place where your story meets our collective story. It’s an approach to life – a mindset. It’s small and wild and careful.
Narrative-enhancing photography and film, with an emphasis on cause-driven storytelling.
An Austin, Texas based social aid and pleasure club. Founded in 2006, this rag-tag team of artists and adventurers (with their famous booster club, “Playboys Nuts!”) are the undisputed leaders of the Sandlot Revolution.
The Range is a bona fide, full-service creative company established in 2013 to support independent and commercial projects from respected colleagues who are working to advance a more enlightened, ever-evolving media landscape.